3rd Musical Instruments Auction organized by Apollium at Musicora

3rd Musical Instruments Auction organized by Apollium at Musicora
Submit your instruments for this auction and benefit from a free expertise.

After the success of the 2015 and 2016 editions, Apollium will once again organize an exhibition of musical instruments in April 2017, followed by an online auction under the expertise of Gilles Chancereul. 

In 2016, more than 300 000 € of musical instruments were awarded to buyers from all over the world (China, Korea, Japan, United States, England, Germany, Italy ...). With unforgettable lots such as an old viola "Flemish school" awarded 22,000 € or the Sidney Bechet estate (saxophones, clarinet, personal effects ...).

As part of the upcoming "Prestige" auction at Musicora 2017, the Apollium auction house is looking for musical instruments for its clientele: instruments from the quartet, wind instruments, bows and scores ... 

The experts of Apollium will be able to receive by appointment, in Paris, Brussels or Marseille the owners of instruments for a free expert. You can also use the free estimate form on the website www.apollium.fr.

All instruments will be auctioned online and will be presented on the website www.apollium.fr for a period of 15 days (from April 14 to April 30) preceding Musicora. The instruments will also be exhibited in the Musicora exhibition hall during the three days of the fair (April 28-30). 

The lots will be awarded on the last day of Musicora on Sunday, April 30, 2017. From 1 pm on this day, a count will close one by one the instruments put on sale. Anyone wishing to acquire these instruments will be able to bid online from Musicora or from anywhere in the world.

To include your instruments in this sale, please contact:

Quentin Madon: 01 47 27 93 29


3 rue de Provence 75009 PARIS 

Contact Expert:

Gilles Chancereul: 01 43 25 98 23

33 rue Henri Barbusse 75005 PARIS